About Elizabeth (Bonnie) Phinney

     Elizabeth Phinney is a Certified Personal Trainer with the American Council on Exercise. She also holds a certificate from the American Senior Fitness Association and is an affiliate of The American College of Sports Medicine. She has been named Top Female Executive with Worldwide Who’s Who and VIP of the year in Health and Fitness for 2013.

     Elizabeth’s passion is fitness after forty-five and her mission is to inspire people to plan their Physical retirement as they plan their Fiscal retirement. Her caring and compassionate fitness advice is customized for each individual and her positive instructive manner motivates her clients to succeed in controlling their own aging.

     Since the year 2000, she has been developing and fine tuning several fitness techniques and theories that are successfully practiced. Not only has she helped hundreds of people get stronger and more flexible, she has helped them slow down, stop and, reverse aging issues that they had been plagued with for years.

     Her flagship product is BodSpir®, a meditative strength training technique she created and has taught thousands of times in her classes and one-on-one private training. Other programs include The F.I.T. Workshop™ (Fitness Inspiration Transformation) and Your Personal BodSpir® Program™ (Consultation, Assessment, Recommendation based on an Evaluation.)

Elizabeth is available for private and group consultations, speaking engagements, articles for related publications, interviews for radio and television – any vehicle where she can help to bring people from "I should" to "I want to!"


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