What is BodSpir?

  •  BodSpir (pronounced bod-speer) is a relaxing, non-strenuous strength training technique. We use free weights and body resistance through a series of exercises to include all major muscle groups of the body. Included in each class are:

    •  strength training
    •  balancing
    •  stretching
    •  meditation options
    •  breathwork
    •  relaxation
  •  The key component in the exercises is to learn perfect form so that the exercises can be as beneficial as possible to each muscle group.
  •  Your breathing pattern is established for each exercise and plays a major role in the efficiency of the exercise.
  •  The coordination of breathing and movement is the foundation of the BodSpir (body/spirit) technique.
  •  Dependent on the exercise, stretches are done for the appropriate areas involved in the exercise, which are often more than the targeted muscle group.
  •  Various balancing positions are interspersed amongst the exercises to help incorporate this essential ingredient to fitness with aging.
  •  By the end of each class, your body has had a complete workout and before you know it, you feel stronger, healthier and more fit.
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