Who can Benefit From BodSpir?

  •  Mature adults who wish to incorporate exercise into their lives.
  •  Maturing women who want to help allay the onset of menopausal symptoms, osteoporosis, diabetes or other common aging ailments.
  •  Maturing women and men who wish to offset the pains of arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, weak muscles or loss of muscle mass which naturally comes with aging.
  •  Older men and women who still lead active lifestyles including playing sports, who understand the importance of adding resistance training to their exercise regimen.
  •  Anyone who has led a fairly inactive lifestyle, but wants to start exercising.
  •  People who have carried extra weight and want to be more fit. BodSpir offers a less stressful way to increase your metabolism and get great results.
  •  Men and women recuperating from an illness who have finished with their Physical Therapy and want to keep exercising.
  •  A mature adult who wants a variation to the workouts they have been doing. BodSpir can be very challenging to the seasoned exerciser because of the breathing technique involved and the pace at which the exercises are done. Also, the use of ankle weights during the leg routine strongly enhances the leg workout.
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