Who Teaches BodSpir?

  •  BodSpir is taught by a Certified Personal Trainer.
  •  Correct form is critical to the success of each exercise. A Certified Personal Trainer has the skill and experience to identify wrong movements, angles, form, or weight for each exercise performed.
  •  The instructor/trainer teaches a class of no more than 12 participants.
  •  During the performance of the exercise, once demonstrated, the trainer goes from participant to participant to assist and correct their form.
  •  A Certified Personal Trainer is able to assist participants with special challenges; such as, recovering from a rotator cuff injury or trouble with their lower back. The instructor/trainer is knowledgeable to answer questions and correct a specific exercise based on a client's unique needs.
  •  A Certified Personal Trainer is able to customize any exercise for any participant dependent upon their unique situation.
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