Warming Up With Bodspir® CD

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$17.95 - CD
Warming Up with BodSpir® is a series of stretching and contracting moves and positions designed to reach virtually every muscle in your body.

The warm up can be done on the floor or on top of your bed. It is for anyone to gain flexibility and simply help their body move easier. Those suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia or even cancer may find this CD very helpful in keeping their bodies active and moving.

There are two segments on the CD. The first is a 30 minute segment with detailed instructions that will help you learn each position. Together with the photo insert, these instructions will insure that you are making the movements and holding the positions correctly. Once you have mastered the program, it's time to use the 20 minute segment, where you will simply hear phrase cues to initiate each position.

Relax and create your own body-spirit, or BodSpir
® connection!

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Stretches and Positions for Gardening Booklet

This helpful 30 page booklet was designed to demonstrate some alternate positions for gardening which can offset any potential injury while doing one of your favorite pastimes.

Also included are some excellent stretches which are strongly recommended during and after each gardening session. Gardening is an exertive activity and with just a few precautions can be done safely and without pain or injury.

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