Thrive to 95Learn how to plan your physical retirement so that you can Thrive to 95!


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Elizabeth Phinney

Thrive to 95

Learn how to plan your physical retirement so that you can Thrive to 95!

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  • Feel PHYSICALLY FABULOUS every single day?
  • Be FLEXIBLE and STRONG again...forever?
  • DO MORE of the activities you love (gardening, biking, hiking, or even housework) without being sore the next day?

IF you answered YES to ANY of these questions...

  • YOU need to start planning your Physical Future NOW!
  • YOU have the power to control your aging!

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I want The Seven Steps to Take Control of my Physical Future

"When you give to your body, your body will respond to you in kind."
Elizabeth Phinney

Research is showing that we have far more control over how we age than we ever knew.

BodSpir® and Fitness After Forty Five guide you towards the vision you hold for your physical retirement. I teach you how to be inspired and utilize that inspiration to support your plans for your physical future. Whatever those plans hold, I am here to impart my knowledge and experience and instill in you all the tools you need to succeed.

Since 2000, through workshops, consultations, speaking, teaching and training I have helped countless men and women ease into their middle age and beyond years so that they are energized and productive well into their 80’s and 90’s.

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“I have been so blessed to meet Elizabeth and be introduced to BodSpir®. I have been taking classes for 1½ years and my overall posture, strength and appearance have improved so much. Her one-on-one with everyone in the class shows her awareness of each person’s needs and capabilities."

Deb, Age 57

Be inspired to create a physical future of health and energy for decades to come!

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“BodSpir® gives my week a rhythm. Every Tuesday and Thursday I can count on regaining energy & also having contact with like-minded people. Incorporating breathing with the exercises helps me to stay focused and enables me to give my all to each movement. Elizabeth is an attentive, patient, observant leader and teacher. She maintains a positive, instructive classroom atmosphere. I always look forward to coming to class.”

Bonnie, Age 76

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Bod·Spir® /bod-speer/ n. a meditative, non-strenuous strength training technique focusing on strengthening and stretching, balancing and breathing. Created in 2000 by Elizabeth Phinney who has enhanced and refined the technique over years of experience to what BodSpir® is today.

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