Be Brave, Be the Butterfly

What’s in a name?

It has been quite a few years that I have wanted to begin a blog, and am grateful for the opportunity to begin one now. When thinking about what to call it, I thought back to when I first started being a Personal Trainer and was in the process of creating BodSpir® (the meditative strength training technique I created, but we’ll get to that another time.) My oldest daughter was 10 and I told her that I needed a logo for BodSpir®. Did she have any ideas? Was there something she could create in the computer that we could use over and over again?
The next day, she presented me with what you see here:

I was taken aback at her ingenuity and creativity. I asked her what made her think to include “Be Brave” in the logo. She said, “you always tell us to be brave and I thought that maybe your clients needed to be brave to get stronger!”

She was absolutely right. When making the decision to pay attention to all the challenges and changes involved in controlling your physical future, you do need to be brave. You will stand out amongst the rest for your diligence. You will get looked at funny and have countless eyes rolled back when you order food in a restaurant. You will need to be dedicated to an exercise regimen that you will not always want to stick to. You will use the rest room more often with all the water you drink. You will need to get to bed at a decent hour so that your routine can start on time in the morning. Yes, I think being brave plays a major role in your success towards a healthy and energetic life.
If you Google “butterfly,” you come up with many symbolic meanings: bliss and joy, endurance, hope, transformation, resurrection and a multitude of other representations of these curious creatures. To me, the most meaning is found in the word transformation. Needless to say, when a caterpillar curls up in a cocoon and sleeps for several weeks to emerge a completely different creature now with wings and the ability to fly – it doesn’t get more transformative than that!

When making the decision to step into a life of health and energy, you, too, are undergoing a major transformation: a decision to take control of how you age. You will take on new habits and behaviors that will re-enforce your decision. You may even lose some friends – I know I did. But, this is your life and your journey and you have the right to make whatever changes to it that you wish.
So, be brave and be the butterfly and make the decisions and the choices necessary to learn the healthiest diet, exercise plan, hydration program, sleep habits and more FOR YOU that will assure your aging process be as active as you wish and filled with vitality for as many years as you choose.

Let me help provide the well-researched information to assist you on your journey.

Your Aging Coach for Energy and Vitality,

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