Equipment Needs Class By Class – When you will need What

Standard Equipment for Every Class

If you already have equipment to work out with, that is fabulous. But, do take a few minutes to read through these suggestions to make sure that what you have is appropriate. The links below are only suggestions. It gives you an idea of what you basically need, but feel free to do your own shopping to find the exact equipment item you would prefer and feel comfortable with. Also, take a look at the timetable for purchase. You don’t have to get this all at once.
For all classes you will also need a chair. I suggest a Dining Room Chair. This means that you want a straight back chair with no armrests. Also, you want the height of the seat to be high (or low) enough so that when seated, your thighs are parallel with the floor. If too low, sit on a pillow. If too high, find another chair!! In class we use the folding metal chairs which, universally, work well.

  • Yoga Mat
  • Stretching Strap.
  • Sturdy Chair
  • Yoga Block (also used as your pillow)
  • Hand Weights
  • Ankle Weights (when ready)

In addition to this standard equipment there is other equipment used in each class which is outlined below.

Class One: None
Class Two: Broomstick
Class Three: Stability Ball, Pillow for seat of chair
Class Four: Resistance Band
Class Five: Stability Ball
Class Six: Stability Ball, Resistance Band
Class Seven: Stability Ball, Resistance Band
Class Eight: Stability Ball, Resistance Band
Class Nine: Stability Ball
Class Ten: Stability Ball

In case you don't have all the equipment needed, here are some helpful links.

1) Yoga Mats – There are hundreds of brands and types of yoga mats out there. This kind, ¼” thick, I have been using at my studio since 2001 – the same mats!! They are good enough! But, feel free to browse around yourself. You want to make sure that the mat doesn’t have too much give (is too thick) that you don’t get the support you need.

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Yoga Mats

2) Hand Weights – This set will get you started! In a month or two, you might need a 6 or 7 pound weight to add to your set. You also might want to supplement this set with a pair of 4 pounders. For one pound, use a soup can or 16oz. bottle of water. Remember, increase when the weight gets to easy for the 15 repetitions we are doing in the class. You can purchase heavier weights at a sporting goods store or here, on Amazon.

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Hand Weights

3) Stretching Strap – If you have an old tie, you don’t really need a stretching strap! But, if you want one, these are good enough for the price. I recommend 8’ - 6’ is too short and 10’ is really more than you need. We use the straps for leg stretches, two in particular that everyone needs it for. After that, your flexibility determines whether you need it for more leg stretches.

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Stretching Strap

4) Broomstick – In class we use 3’ dowels that are 1.5” in diameter. You can get them at a Home Depot or Lowe’s or wherever you can get wood products. In the meantime, use a broomstick or a mop stick or a golf club!!

5) Stability Ball – The most important thing when sitting on a Stability Ball is to have your thighs parallel to the floor when seated. So, when you blow it up, keep going until that happens. You will find after a few months that you will need to add some more air in order to keep those thighs parallel, so make sure you monitor the height every month or so.

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Stability Ball

6) Resistance Bands - This is a great set of resistance bands to use when called upon for certain classes. Start with the easiest – green ones, I believe. Then work your way up to the next more difficult one when the green ones get too easy. I suggest, when you finish using it, fold the band back up and keep it stored in the black bag with the other bands. This way the bands should last for years.

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Resistance Bands

7) Ankle Weights – Start the leg exercises with NO weights. Then, when that gets too easy, I suggest purchasing a ten pound pair of ankle weights, 5 lbs of weight per ankle. Each weight is adjustable in one pound increments, so when no weight is too easy, then start with one pound. When that is too easy, go to two pounds. And, so on. Assuming you plan on sticking with this program, it will take quite a few months to reach the 5 lbs per ankle level.

These ankle weights are fabulous because they are adjustable. Word of caution: These weights are for exercising only. DO NOT walk around with them or think that it is better exercise if you do. That will result in a sore back and a potential for other injuries. Just wear them for the exercises we are doing.

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Ankle Weights

8) Yoga Block – This is our “pillow” and our “brick” in a BodSpir class. As a pillow, it plays that role – when lying on your side, you can use it as that. As a brick, we use it to stand on. You won’t need this to stand on for months, so you can use a regular pillow in the meantime, if you wish, for lying on. You just want to make sure that when you are lying on your side, your neck is in line with your spine – that is why a brick works great for that – it’s the right height!!

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Yoga Blocks

9) Elastics – You want two wide rubber bands – ones used for vegetables work great. Will be fitting around your fingers, so you want them big enough to do that with a little bit of give so you can have a little range of motion for the exercise.