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Fitness After Forty Five™ is now online!! Once you become a Member of Studio BodSpir® and continue your membership, each new month you will receive a new exercise video. Keep in mind that the four cornerstones of the BodSpir® technique are strengthening and stretching/balancing and breathing. So each video will be focused on those key components of staying fit and healthy.

Strengthen | Stretch | Balance | Breathe

There are strengthening exercises with appropriate stretches for each muscle group worked on. There will be balancing practice each class. I am a firm believer in your legs being the most important parts of your body to maintain mobility, so there will always be 4 leg exercises for each class with respective stretches. And, the essential “core” is included, too!!

We begin each class with the BodSpir® warm up – a ten minute series of contracting and stretching virtually every muscle in the body. You will come to LOVE this beginning of your exercise routine.

– Elizabeth

Your Membership Includes

  • Exercise class videos exclusive to BodSpir® Members

  • Discounted pricing for all BodSpir® Programs

  • Open communication with Elizabeth via email.

  • Priority status with all things BodSpir®!!

And, the best part is, membership is only $10 per month!!

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BodSpir has made my whole body so much stronger and I am loving it!! Tori 63

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The combination of strength training exercises that dovetail to one another without boredom and a fun seriousness keeps me engaged in a painless fitness routine that is forever.Taylor, 64