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BodSpir® was created and developed by Elizabeth Phinney. Having worked out for several years she found a passion in helping other “maturing” women and men to strength train using proper form.

In August of 2000 she received her Certification with the American Council on Exercise as a Personal Trainer.

Elizabeth began to teach a group class for strength training in January 2001 which evolved into the unique format of BodSpir®. By April 2001, she had her own studio and taught four BodSpir® classes per week, as well as maintaining a full personal training schedule.

Realizing she had a unique product within the fitness industry, she soon trademarked BodSpir®. The workout is geared towards the special needs of the aging population, and Fitness After Forty Five.

Frequently Asked Questions

BodSpir® (pronounced bod-speer) is a relaxing, non-strenuous strength training technique. We use free weights and body resistance through a series of exercises to include all major muscle groups of the body. Included in each class are:

  • strength training
  • balancing
  • stretching
  • meditation options
  • breath work
  • relaxation

The key component in the exercises is to learn perfect form so that the exercises can be as beneficial as possible to each muscle group.

Your breathing pattern is established for each exercise and plays a major role in the efficiency of the exercise.

The coordination of breathing and movement is the foundation of the BodSpir® (body/spirit) technique.

Dependent on the exercise, stretches are done for the appropriate areas involved in the exercise, which are often more than the targeted muscle group.

Various balancing positions are interspersed among the exercises to help incorporate this essential ingredient to fitness with aging.

By the end of each class, your body has had a complete workout and before you know it, you feel stronger, healthier and more fit.

BodSpir® was created and developed by Elizabeth Phinney. When she was 45 years old, Elizabeth started to work out and soon realized there wasn’t really a program out there for her active yet aging body. Being entrepreneurial for more than a decade guided her to her certification with the American Council on Exercise as a Personal Trainer in 2000 and motivated her to create a program that would, in fact, serve her body and what it was going through.

Within five years, Elizabeth had modified 240 different exercises incorporating not only the major muscle groups, but also the smaller muscles such as the hands, feet and neck. Now her entire body was covered.

And, because strength training and stretching are typically fairly boring, she developed a breathing pattern which is incorporated into the exercises inviting a meditative format and mindfulness focus giving BodSpir® its unique design.

BodSpir® is taught by a Certified Personal Trainer.

Correct form is critical to the success of each exercise. A Certified Personal Trainer has the skill and experience to identify wrong movements, angles, form, or weight for each exercise performed.

The instructor/trainer teaches a class of no more than 12 participants.

During the performance of the exercise, once demonstrated, the trainer goes from participant to participant to assist and correct their form.

A Certified Personal Trainer is able to assist participants with special challenges; such as, recovering from a rotator cuff injury or coping with lower back issues. The instructor/trainer is educated to answer questions and correct a specific exercise based on a client’s unique needs.

A Certified Personal Trainer can customize any exercise for any participant based on their unique situation.

Mature adults who wish to incorporate exercise into their lives.

Maturing women who want to help allay the onset of menopausal symptoms, osteoporosis, diabetes or other common aging ailments.

Maturing women and men who wish to offset the pains of arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, weak muscles or loss of muscle mass which naturally comes with aging.

Older men and women who still lead active lifestyles including playing sports, who understand the importance of adding resistance training to their exercise regimen.

Anyone who has led a fairly inactive lifestyle, but wants to start exercising.

People who have carried extra weight and want to be more fit. BodSpir® offers a less stressful way to increase your metabolism and get great results.

Men and women recuperating from an illness who have finished with their physical therapy and want to keep exercising.

Mature adults who want a variation to the workouts they have been doing.

BodSpir® can be very challenging to the seasoned exerciser because of the breathing technique involved and the pace at which the exercises are done. Also, the use of ankle weights during the leg routine strongly enhances the leg workout.

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“I’ve been with BodSpir for about 7 years and at the age of 61 I thank Elizabeth very much for keeping me in shape to perform at my active job, which is long hours of bending, stooping and lifting with no after affects!”

Deb, 61

“This past winter I went snowshoeing for 31/2 hours up an old ski trail. While others were grunting and groaning around me I realized I could just keep on going! I did not have that jelly leg feeling but noticed how strong my legs had become and I was just so happy!! BodSpir has made my whole body so much stronger and I am loving it!! “

Tori 63

“I came to BodSpir kicking and screaming as I wasn’t one for static exercises. The combination of strength training exercises that dovetail to one another without boredom and a fun seriousness keeps me engaged in a painless fitness routine that is forever. I have gained strength in my shoulders and neck which has improved my posture and given me much more endurance for gardening work. “

Taylor, 64

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