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  • Elizabeth Phinney
    Certified Personal Trainer
    American Council on Exercise

BodSpir® was created and developed by Elizabeth Phinney. Having worked out for several years she found a passion in helping other “maturing” women and men to strength train using proper form.

In August of 2000 she received her Certification with the American Council on Exercise as a Personal Trainer.

Elizabeth began to teach a group class for strength training in January 2001 which evolved into the unique format of BodSpir®. By April 2001, she had her own studio and taught four BodSpir® classes per week, as well as maintaining a full personal training schedule.

Realizing she had a unique product within the fitness industry, she soon trademarked BodSpir®. The workout is geared towards the special needs of the aging population, and Fitness After Forty Five.

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“I’ve been with BodSpir for about 7 years and at the age of 61 I thank Elizabeth very much for keeping me in shape to perform at my active job, which is long hours of bending, stooping and lifting with no after affects!”

Deb, 61

“This past winter I went snowshoeing for 31/2 hours up an old ski trail. While others were grunting and groaning around me I realized I could just keep on going! I did not have that jelly leg feeling but noticed how strong my legs had become and I was just so happy!! BodSpir has made my whole body so much stronger and I am loving it!! “

Tori 63

“I came to BodSpir kicking and screaming as I wasn’t one for static exercises. The combination of strength training exercises that dovetail to one another without boredom and a fun seriousness keeps me engaged in a painless fitness routine that is forever. I have gained strength in my shoulders and neck which has improved my posture and given me much more endurance for gardening work. “

Taylor, 64

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