Terms of Service

As a member of Studio BodSpir® you recognize that the use of Fitness AfterForty Five and its parent company, Solutions, Inc. and Elizabeth Phinney as a Personal Trainer involves a risk of physical injury including that caused by the negligence of yourself or of Elizabeth Phinney. You hereby agree to assume this risk of injury in its entirety regardless of the cause.

Neither Elizabeth Phinney, Fitness After Forty Five nor Solutions, Inc. shall be liable for any injuries or damage to you whether using any fitness equipment or participating in any exercise as suggested by Elizabeth Phinney. Neither shall Elizabeth Phinney, Fitness After Forty Five nor Solutions, Inc. be subject to any claim, demand, injury or damages whatever, including, without limitation, those damages resulting from acts of active or passive negligence on the part of Elizabeth Phinney for all such claims, demands, injuries, damages, actions or causes of action.

In other words, whatever injury or damage to you or your home which may incur as a result of doing any exercise or stretch as suggested on any BodSpir® video is completely your responsibility and there is no liability whatsoever on the part of Elizabeth Phinney, Fitness After Forty Five or Solutions, Inc.

Please consult your physician before starting the BodSpir® program to ensure that you are physically capable of doing the BodSpir® exercises.

The BodSpir® program is designed to help participants stretch, build and strengthen muscles over time—participants are urged to complete the BodSpir® exercises to the best of their ability and at their current physical capability. In the interest of a participant’s personal safety, if the participant cannot perform one or more BodSpir® exercises due to limited mobility or over-extension of his/her current physical capability, the participant should either follow the modified form of the exercise(s) or, if not possible, refrain from doing the exercise(s) altogether.

Realize that the BodSpir® exercises and stretches are to be done as the participant is able to do them.  Over time and with diligence, as the participant gets stronger and more flexible, exercises that were once difficult should get easier.

Always know should any questions arise about your program, you may email elizabeth@fitnessafterfortyfive.com.

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